Quadra Planning fits automotive workshops and body shops with the best system plants available on the market.

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 We can offer a wide range of products for vehicle exhaust gas extraction. Fixed systems with reels, rail systems, ground systems and furniture.

A constant cooperation with the best automotive companies and a careful analysis of the most recent vehicle models allow us to offer a large selection of nozzles for any vehicle.

We solved the problem of constantly changing types of exhaust pipes.

The extraction unit of our touchless systems will be positioned close to the exhaust pipe, with no need to touch it. It will remain suspended with no effort and can be used with any type of vehicle on the market.

Touchless systems are installed on a rail and work through an upstream extraction unit. They can be easily manoeuvred and can serve a wider area compared to fixed systems.

Rail systems represent the most versatile and modern solution available on the market for vehicle exhaust extraction.

They consist of an aluminum suction rail where single units move, hose carriages, reels and the new touchless arms.

Considering not all the engines of the vehicles in a workshop are running at the same time, a pair of sliding units will easily be able to serve multiple workstations moving the units where required. This solution can optimize costs for automotive workshops and allows extraction systems to be where they are really needed.

Sliding units are anchored to the rail and they can be kept out of the way above the workstation and don’t represent an obstacle for workers. A central unit will then extract the exhaust gases and release them outside.

Any vehicle exhaust extraction system with no wheels can be considered a fixed unit and needs to be installed in the area where exhaust gas will be extracted and released into the atmosphere.

Exhaust gases need to be released into the atmosphere because filtering of toxic and carcinogenic fumes produced by vehicle engines is not yet possible.

Fixed exhaust extraction systems can be installed on reels or as mini-sets (i.e. fan, hose and nozzle). Thanks to an integrated extraction unit, a zinc-plated pipe will carry the fumes outside. A central unit can instead be used with more extraction units.

Inground exhaust extraction systems are the ideal solution for workstation where such systems are infrequently used.

This system is almost invisible and inexpensive. It is therefore a solid alternative to ceiling-mounted ones. Though, they can only be installed before the floor of the building is built.

Rigorous design and care for correct operation can make this type of exhaust extraction system long-lasting and extremely efficient.

There are two types of inground exhaust extraction systems. The first one consists of inground hoses which can be pulled out when required. The second consists of a hose with a fitting on the end which can be plugged into the floor port. A central extraction unit will release the extracted fumes into the atmosphere.

Quadra Planning offers a wide range of oil and fluid managing products for vehicle repair shops.

Our catalogue includes distribution systems for fresh oil, antifreeze fluids, windscreen washer fluids, air and waste oil management. All our systems will be installed and tested by qualified personnel of our company.

Our integrated fluid monitoring systems and products for stock management respect the highest safety measures for workplaces and comply with current safety and environmental regulations.

Designs made for our customers can consider a complete integration of fluid, energy and air management systems into the furniture.

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