Quadra Planning cooperates with its partner DEA Worklab to create high quality furniture with a unique design. All our furnishing solutions are custom-made to meet our customers’ needs and to offer the best quality products for workplaces.

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Automotive workshop furniture by DEA can offer the best possible solution to optimize space and working areas. DEA pay great attention to every detail to always guarantee high quality products at competitive prices.

We know installation of the furniture is a very delicate step to guarantee quality and long-lasting equipment. This is why it will be carried out by highly specialized technicians.

More specifically, the wide range of high quality DEA furniture offered by Quadra Planning include:


Single of double storage cabinets with five to twelve drawers, available in various sizes.

Single and double door cabinets, standard or with lockable tambour door and removable shelves.
Standard layout or blind-corner.
Available in various sizes.

Single or double workbenches, in various sizes

Single, double or triple worktops.

Single, double or quadruple waste recycling cabinets, with rails and open on top. Various sizes available.

Single or one and a half module trolleys, with four to six drawers. Available in various sizes.

Versatile wall cabinets with lockable tambour door and peg panel, double wall units, single wall cabinets with lockable tambour door and monitor-supporting panel, bottomless wall units with vertical door.
Every product is available in various sizes.

Cabinets for reels in the upper and lower part. Electrical management cabinets. Every product is available in various sizes.

Special cabinets with three or five compartments. Available in various sizes.

Integrated workstations for repairing areas, with or without energy management units. Workstations for diagnostics. Workstations for body shops. Vehicle assembly and disassembly workstations. Double workstations for repairing areas.
Every product can be customized upon request.

For an overview of the endless possible combinations please refer to DEA Worklab catalogue.

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