QUADRA Planning is a company specialized in designing and creating repair and body shops for automobiles, motorcycles and industrial vehicles.

QUADRA can help you by taking care of maintenance and extraordinary repairs of your equipment and systems. They work with the most renowned companies in the world and can quickly find spare parts to keep your shop running and efficient.

We can help you refurbish and restructure but also design and build your new workshop, incorporating the best technology available in your project.

We specialize in systems and furnishing. We work with leading international companies producing equipment for automotive workshops and body shops.

QUADRA Planning features designers and post-marketing technicians to design and support you. Quickly and efficiently.

Working environments for the future

We create modern and very efficient working environments.

We design workshop layouts combining technology and practicality, with particular care for your workers and the quality of the environment.

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Why choose Quadra Planning to create your automotive workshop or body shop?

Tailored advice

Every working environment is unique and inimitable. We therefore design highly customized layouts based on the needs of every single client.

Nothing is left to chance

Shop layout, analysis of in-and-out flows, company market positioning and corporate identity are very important aspects needing careful consideration for a successful project.

Excellent products and solutions

Our partnership with the most important equipment producers and cooperation with the most renowned automotive companies allow us to create accurate and performing projects.

Perfect integration

We create comprehensive projects for working environments, inclusive of fluid and compressed air distribution, exhaust gas extraction, computerized diagnostics station, electricity management and everything necessary for a service of excellence.

Flexibility and customization

We can fulfill every need in a different, unique and professional way. Just as an elegant suit, our solutions are tailor-made.

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